- Did you read Lermontov's "Mtsyri»?
 - Gone crazy? Three o'clock in the morning!
 - Well, I went out into the street, look, you have a window lit ...
 - Yeah, light. Rampant light. Server I dropped chinyu here. Well, come on, what you stand on the threshold!
 - Fell? .. And no Internet ?!
 - Nope, yeah. It is not repaired, will not.
 - Hey, you got Lermontov?
 - And then, damn it! Complete Collection. I have it on the night watering snot as a young poet in rut.
 - Well, you have the same books to hell! Well poroysya on the shelves can Lermontov will find something!
 - Know the difference between Lars from Gantmakher?
 - Nope, I do not know.
 - That poroysya on my shelves - know.
 - Well, come on, say, well, what?
 - One dick in the front and the other behind.
 - Kiss my ass! I came to you in the case came, and you and your herami! I have a child tomorrow essay must pass.
 - Pro Novice?
 - No fucking about Gantmakher!
 - And that the child is still doing?
 - I lied that nothing asked.
 - And what should we do? Raising his three in the morning and fight?
 - Tomorrow vyderem. And today it is necessary to write an essay. "The spiritual world Novice».
 - And what of his inner world?
 - And I remember that you ?!
 - I ?!
 - Well, you write articles, do you some tattered school composition without writing ?!


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