15 citations Bulat Okudzhava, filled with deep meaning

May 9, 1924 was born the famous poet, singer and composer, a veteran of World War Bulat Okudzhava. The songs on his verses sound in more than 80 films, and each of his poetic work - now the philosophical revelation

Website has chosen the most striking statements of the great poet and a man who knows firsthand. what difficult times.

When I feel like a genius, I'm going to wash the dishes. not other, and a defeat the enemy - that will be you man everyone wants something to happen, and they all want, as if something had happened <.. The Holy science - hear each other do not make reserves of love and kindness
. And rainy day cometh not accumulate mercy. If there were two lives, one could devote vain regret and sorrow. But it is one From designated over, too, need to be able to relax Sometimes you want to scream, but a good upbringing does not allow Generosity -.!. It's not rank, not gold, not the position in the light, and the light -. blood I have committed follies mass, however, like any normal person The longer we live. . we, the short years, the sweeter friends voice the art of simple and thirst for life - unattainable perfection A sense of proportion and a sense of responsibility are not inherent mediocrity
.. The sweetness of the victim and the bitterness of guilt they, too, are not inherent and not given Let us live around each other indulging, -. The more that life is short so We do. Me and compose songs, and destiny,
And woe to those who will dare impede not just us.

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