Tests "Green Beret"

From May 31 to June 1 in the training center of the Interior Troops' Volovshchina "near Minsk were tested for the right to wear maroon beret, which, according to prevailing since the Soviet tradition is a symbol of special forces. Green Beret supposed to wear only those who have passed the appropriate multi-test and "worthy of this right by their professional, physical, and moral qualities." In Belarus, such trials are held in 1993. This year, they attended 92 servicemen of the Interior Ministry. Berets are received 12.

Green Beret - shaped headdress parts and special purpose units of internal troops of the USSR bvyshego countries - Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and earlier - MVD USSR. The picture shows the test participants climb over the obstacle June 1, 2010. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)

Qualification tests for a maroon beret include three stages, the task of which vary from year to year. Usually it is - a march with full kit on long distance shooting from regular weapons and sparring. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)

This year, the training center of the Interior Troops' Volovshchina "during the first phase of testing fighters crossed the swamp, barbed wire, barriers, wooden walls, concrete panels," infected "area with traps strung wire, fiery assault course, water obstacle. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)


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