10 crazy workouts that are practiced in armies around the world

Morale, defense capability and combat readiness of the army - these are the main criteria for the security of any country. In pursuit of this goal in different armies use different, sometimes even incredible and shocking methods of training soldiers. In our review of 10 different countries of the traditional army trenirovok.1. The game "potato" with these grenades (China)

East, as you know - a delicate matter. Even in the case when it comes to military training aimed at developing precision execution of commands and courage that will be useful during any battle. Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army during exercise must master a deadly variation of the game of "hot potato" - throwing of each other this battle granaty.2. Shot in the chest (the Russian security services) 49,875,470

Similar exercises (shooting each other in the chest naturally with body armor) are part of a specialized training course in the Russian special services. These exercises are carried out in order to remove the military from a panic that they may get a bullet. Despite the presence of body armor, soldiers sometimes get injured. But even though the soldiers were injured or not, he must, after being hit by the timely response to enemy fire, saving hladnokrovie.3. Jumping into the burning ring (People's Liberation Army) 68,850,241

The photo was captured a soldier jumping into a ring of fire. He is dressed in the usual form and is armed with an assault rifle during such a terrible ordeal. The purpose of the training: soldiers must experience the same emotions and adrenaline, as in the real boyu.4. Scuba Training (a division of "Navy SEALs" US Navy) 88,009,354

During the training of tactical units SEAL Navy US soldiers are taught not to be afraid of the water in any situation. They tie the hands and feet and forced to sink to the bottom of the pool and climb back to swim along the pool without touching the bottom, do a somersault under water and other crazy things. Workouts are complicated by the fact that instructors from time to time "attack" on the train and tried to drown them, imitating martial usloviya.5. Breaking bricks head (South Korean and Chinese soldiers) 64,355,039

To rally the troops often use bands, marches, etc. But China's military and distinguished themselves here. Their soldiers became famous on their backs broken bamboo sticks, but their heads are broken bricks. If you compare the army entertainment, the People's Liberation Army would be nepobedimoy.6. Eating blood Cobra (US Marines) 95,384,769

Gone are the days when the soldiers just a few times push-ups to warm up, and went into battle. US Marines today drink the blood of a cobra head and tear hens teeth - this is part of their training. This could be seen during the 11-day exercise Cobra Gold 2014, which were attended by about 13 000 soldiers from Thailand, US, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia. The exercises were held in the Thai province of Chonburi.7. Balancing on fire (Belarus, Maroon Berets) 77,254,053

Soldiers of the special forces in Belarus are undoubtedly tough guys. Wishes to join the ranks of an elite unit must go through a series of complex tests. The tests include the 10-kilometer march, followed by the storming of the fortified area, close quarters fighting, assault on a high-rise building and a test of acrobatic skills. And soldiers do not just need to go through the log, lit a fire under him, and throw in the test tires to knock them off the log and shoot them storonu.8. Jumping from skyscrapers and climbing (IDF) 42,917,202

If terrorists ever try to take hostages in a skyscraper in Tel Aviv, they will clearly not be expected commandos who burst into the room through the window. Such trainings are held in anti-terrorist unit of the IDF. Soldiers on the insurance jump from the top of one of the tallest buildings in Tel Aviv, and descend down his stenam.9. Crawling on corals and rocks (Taiwan Marines) 60,084,259

"Road to Paradise" - is the final stage of the nine-week intensive training program for the Marine Corps in Taiwan. From soldiers requires a bare torso and hands-crawl 50-meter path that passes through the corals and skaly.10. Horseback riding through the smoke (Dutch Royal Guard of Honor) 65,409,405

Soldiers often ask their trained pets. In the photo shows how the Dutch soldiers of the Royal Guard of Honor riding horses through a continuous smokescreen.


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