Hotel from the beach debris in Rome (10 photos)

In Rome, the hotel is being built from debris. Its architect was the German artist Hans-Jürgen Schult, who became famous for creating huge sculptures from plastic bags, aluminum cans and other waste.

"Garbage" hotel called Corona Save The Beach Hotel is a two-story and can take up to 10 people a day. It will become part of a campaign aimed at preserving European beaches and marine resources, which launched in 2008, brewer Corona Extra.

The hotel building has to remind people about the harm they cause to the nature of their reckless actions. During the construction of the hotel was used by the garbage collected from several beaches in Europe.

As part of this project was created website It can inform about the beaches that are contaminated beyond measure, or to book a room in "garbage" hotel. His first guest will be former supermodel Helena Christensen from Denmark. She will attend the opening ceremony of the building.


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