Sochi Olympics, preparation and construction (38 photos)

Well, finally, it came to reporting on the visit of the Olympic facilities in Sochi. Press Service of the RF OK kindly provided us with a minivan and the first thing we went to the Olympic Park, which is being constructed in the Imereti Valley. Rumors and gossip around the construction in Sochi was plenty and very much like to see the construction of their own eyes, at least polite and under the supervision of employees of the press service of the organizing committee.

To get to the construction site of the Olympic Park is not easy. Control of the construction vehicles entering the strictest and recalls crossing the state border.

Heavy trucks even shine on here is a mobile unit.

How will the arena after construction can be seen in the picture at the beginning of this story. And she looked May 20 this year.

Large ice arena will seat 12,000 spectators. Here it is called "the Coliseum."

On that day, the work was done on several eatazhah facilities. People, at first glance, it was a little bit. Upstairs workers assembled formwork for pouring concrete at the bottom - the women in helmets plastered cracks and defects in the concrete slabs.

Works that do not require special skills, perform migrant workers from Asia. Judging by the conversation and mind - Tajiks. I asked how much they are paid - said that "15 000". I pretended to believe. It was rumored that the Olympic construction sites periodically delayed payment of wages, but, as I understand it, this applies to all kinds of "side" construction projects, not directly related to sports facilities - construction of houses for the resettled, for example. Everything depends on the artist works. Most of the ice arena building NGO "Mostovik»

This place should have been photos of building the Olympic Stadium - the main building, where take place the opening and closing of the Olympic Games 2014. But these photos I do not - in the place where he had to stand the foundations of buildings, are people who do not want to leave their homes and go to where they are building a house in return. The situation is complicated and very controversial. It is no secret that the main source of income for the inhabitants of Sochi is renting property for rent. In the valley were built tens of thousands of meters of such housing. The village seen five-storey hotel, which regularly feed their owners. Leave this place for many means a loss of livelihood. For these families build adequate housing, but many are not satisfied with it for various reasons. There is another side of the problem - sometimes the owners of three-four-storey house documents are drawn as if this place is a small one-storey shack. Accordingly, official documents for housing owners of mini-hotels offer to move to another place and get as much meters as they have stated. And this, as you know, the tragedy. Until these questions are resolved, construction and does not go near the large ice arena, still, a residential village. Now only you can see what should be the Olympic Stadium:

When we walked through the large ice arena, I noticed at the bottom of the workers at the dining room and asked permission to go in there after our tour.

The chef let me into their territory. Lunch time has only just begun and workers gathered at hand, waiting for them to start feeding.

I barely made his way to the menu to look at the range of prices.

The builders of the Olympic Games 2014.

We then came to a place where "Engeocom" build an arena for skating. This stadium after the Games can be disassembled and taken to where the useful (I was then immediately recalled an anecdote about a crow. "Not suitable ..."). The builders of the rink at the moment standing in line in the cafeteria, so there was nothing to shoot.

The transport problem in this area - one of the most serious, so from the Olympic Park via the airport to build a railway and automobile highway in the area of ​​Krasnaya Polyana, which will host the competition skiers. Construction of a big and very expensive.

In any complex urban areas under construction route is clearly seen in this picture, which I did from the window of an airplane sitting down. On the left bank of the Mzymta river will take place single-track railway with double-track inserts, and next - a two-lane highway. To do this, cut through rock tunnels, one of which we went.

In the picture - another miracle of German technical genius: Tunnel Shield Herrenknecht-13210. The shield was ordered in Germany specifically for the construction of the Olympic track and is intended for the construction of a large diameter (13 meters) and length (3169 meters) road tunnel Olympic track.

Assembling the board was conducted around the clock for 8 weeks. The total weight of the complex - one and a half tons, the length - 80 meters.

Here, of course, solve all deadlines construction of highway - a shield, as I said, will increase the speed of construction compared to conventional mining combines ten times. Speed ​​shield driving range from 100 to 300 meters per month.

After adjusting the shield must pass several dozen "guarantee" meters. Up to this point there is a team of specialists from the manufacturer.

Shield not only chews the rock, making it a tunnel, and immediately puts on its diameter concrete tubing. Space Cannon to the right - a drill for rock sampling.

Shield tunnel lining surface of Tübingen and to move forward, pushes them hydraulically.

Tubes are delivered to the place of installation by crane with suction cup. The weight of a concrete slab - 11 tons.

And then we went to the place where the ski complex "Mountain Carousel". They climbed to the top with three lifts, drank tea and pancakes at the cafe "Snowdrift" down and went back to Sochi.


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