The massacre of Man (10 photos)

Last night in St. Petersburg there was a very strange incident. Apparently, overheated in the sun, a couple of guys decided to play a gangster.
According to eyewitnesses, appeared on the Makarov Embankment, the descent to the Neva stopped the car, got out of which two young boys
in bandages on his face. They pulled his prisoner, whose feet were left in a plastic bucket with a frozen solution.
However, it was not very concrete and quick-drying waterproofing concrete. Apparently, the attackers were going to lose
Man in the water. This method was popular with the massacre of American gangsters in the beginning of the last century.

Drown the unfortunate did not give passers-by who witnessed the strange picture. - People began to shout, and the guy in the water is not thrown, - said one of the witnesses of the incident. - Then "Gopnik" some drawn, and tried to do the same. But people again Man rescued. The masked men fled the scene in his car, and the guy with a bucket on his feet stood on the promenade for another two hours. As long as someone is not brought a hammer and chisel, with which, and managed to free his feet shackled.


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