Paid parking at the airport Domodedovo (10 photos)

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I'll start from the beginning ...
August 1 arrived with his family in Domodedovo and as usual left the car on a paid parking lot daily, because I think that it is better to pay fifteen hundred (3 days) for parking near the airport and no one knows where you put in the city and you never know what will happen ... plus for a taxi to the airport and back you give more ...
When we returned we were in for a big surprise. Car without wheels. The time is 18 pm. We immediately went to the police station the airport, while the father went after the new wheels. As it turned out the police Domodedovo Airport is not responsible for parking. Caused Opera Criminal Investigation and the investigator, security chief .. (I wonder what they guard) wrote stated .. (although no-brainer that the wheels have not seen)

We talked with the head protection and learned a lot of interesting things ... from June 1 this year guard from the parking lot has been withdrawn because expired contract with the security company, and the new one has no intention to enter into the cameras ... as such there either ... and the cost as it was 500r per day, and has remained ... Legally, they also all clean (in our country above all do not think about consumers, and about how to absolve themselves of all responsibility) ... Parking has to be paid, but not guarded ... Ie we pay for a place, not for protection. The parking lot is worth about 1200 cars ... it's 600,000 rubles a day ... without any risk, without any liability ...
During those days it was possible to put 5 cameras and 5 security guards ... That would be enough ...
And here is what you can see, having arrived from vacation ...






The photo shows the car that tried to open ... whether Nitsche not work, or for the kind of ...



PS. but on these wheels after 4 hours we moved home)




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