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While Edward Snowden, which has recently become the main news on both sides of the ocean, is languishing in the transit area of ​​Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport, we decided to recall another seven cases where people were living at the airport for over a week.

1. Mehran Karimi Nasseri, also known as Sir Albert.

This is perhaps the most famous and longest case stay at the airport. It was he who inspired Steven Spielberg to create a film "The Terminal". This Iranian refugee lived in the terminal of the International Airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris nearly as much as 18 years, from 26 August 1988 to July 2006. Mehran Nasseri was expelled from Iran for participating in protests, and received political refugee status in the United Nations Commission for Refugees decided to go for further stay in the UK. However, in Paris, on his way to London, he stole the documents, so when you try to go through passport control in London, he was sent back to Charles de Gaulle Airport, where he spent the next 18 years. In 2006, he was hospitalized due to the uncertain condition. By the end of January 2007, he left the hospital, and within a few weeks of living in a hotel near the airport, and later was sent to one of the Parisian homeless shelters.

2. Sanjay Shah.

This Kenyan citizen with a passport of a citizen British Overseas Territories, permitting a temporary stay, but not immigration, decided to move to the UK itself permanently. But, having been refused by the UK Border Agency, was sent back to Nairobi airport, where he spent more than a year - from May 2004 to July 2005 - to protest against the surrounding "injustice." Unlike other heroes of this list, Sanjay stayed at the airport voluntarily, despite the fact that he had not been refused entry into Kenya. He eventually got his way, received citizenship and passport UK, as well as a ticket to a new country.

3. Zahra Kamalfar, another Iranian refugee in our list.

Zahra and two children lived ten months in the terminal Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport - from May 2006 to March 14, 2007. She and her husband were arrested in July 2004 for taking part in protests for human rights in Tehran. In April 2005, Zahra authorities released two days to children at the same time her husband was executed. Fearing a similar fate after returning to jail, she decided to flee with their children to Canada, where for 8 years lived her brother. Daughter Anya at the time was 17, the son of Dawood 10. From Turkey through Sheremetyevo family forged documents flew to Germany, where Zahra was planning to seek political asylum in Canada. However, the German authorities found fake and returned to the family in the departure airport, Sheremetyevo. In Moscow, in the center of deportation in a hotel near Sheremetyevo, family Kamalfar lived for about a year. After the closure of the center in May 2006, the Russian authorities moved the family to the transit area of ​​Sheremetyevo airport where, on a concrete floor, they lived for another ten months. In November 2006, the Russian authorities planned to deport her back to Iran, but Zahra cut my veins, and Ana swallowed the pills, and managed to stop the deportation. As a result, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees finally granted refugee status and 14 March 2007 the family flew to Canada.

4. Hiroshi Nahar, most mysterious case from our list.

The Japanese arrived in the capital of Mexico - Mexico City - September 2, 2008 on a tourist visa. And for an unknown reason to stay in Terminal 1 Airport Benito Juarez until December 28, 2008, becoming at that time present a local celebrity. After that, just as mysteriously, for unknown reasons, left the airport after a certain woman, known as Oyuki, who invited him to his home.

5. Feng Zhenghu.

Spent nearly 3 months (from November 9, 2009 to February 3, 2010) at Tokyo International Airport, Norita, protesting against the ban to return to China, of which the. Ban was prompted by his work in defense of human rights and criticism of the government that has resulted in the arrest and prosecution of illegal business. At the airport, Feng Zhenghu visited several Chinese diplomats to persuade him to enter Japan, provided the possibility of returning to Shanghai to mid-February. What he did, it turned out, however, subsequently under house arrest.

6. Harry Briton Peter Austin.

Missed my flight and got stuck at the international airport of the Philippines by as much as 23 days, as he had no money for a new ticket. Here, Harry had to spend Christmas and New Year - during his stay at the airport - from 19 December 2012 to 11 January 2013. In the end, fate still made the hapless traveler Christmas gift in the form of a ticket home, paid good people.

7. Heinz Müller, a German citizen.

46-year-old former pilot flew to Rio de Janeiro for a meeting with his beloved, whom he met on the Internet. Unfortunately, the favorite at the airport and did not appear, and in the mountain-lover quickly ran out of money. For unknown reasons, he ended his trip to Brazil at the airport in Campinas, where he spent 13 days in October 2009, where he was taken to hospital for a psychological examination.



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