5 facts about the most mysterious places on Earth, where the going is not clear that

In this age of the immense popularity of science and progress, steps forward by leaps and bounds, it is hard to believe that somewhere in the world there is a place so strange that even science can not afford to clearly explain what's going on! The site publishes a small selection of mest.1. Hessdalen Valley, NorvegiyaV For decades, residents of the valley live in episodes like "The X-Files." Night after night, strange lights appear in the sky, illuminating the surrounding neighborhood and flashing different colors. Experts (scientists, not ufologists) already confirmed that the lights - the real thing, but it is unknown how they appear.

One theory suggests that the valley is exposed to strong radiation. Radon is superimposed on the dust particles, and when they disintegrate in the atmosphere, is so light.

Others believe that the reason for the appearance of lights - rich deposits of copper on one side and the other of zinc. It appears a prototype battery, which manifests itself as flashes, sparks in the atmosphere. The river, which is located nearby and contains sulfuric acid leached from a nearby mine sulfur, also plays a role. At some point, for example, while northern lights increases the activity of sulfuric acid and the charge is obtained.

2. The epidemic of sleep Kazahstan

It is a strange and mysterious epidemic, which manifests itself in the mass memory loss, hallucinations, fatigue and prolonged bouts of unexpected bunks * olepsii.

The last few years, hundreds of residents of Kalach regularly seek medical help from a strange complaint - unconsciousness. The problem has grown so much that the government evacuated residents.

The leading hypothesis is that the people are suffering from the effects of radiation poisoning, as the city is located near the uranium mine, which is unlikely to meet all the safety standards. But this theory, there is one big problem: there is a city that is much closer to mine, but it's all right.

Blood residents appeared normal, which led to the idea of ​​the good old hysteria - lasting reputation the city has had an effect. Mass insanity or a mysterious illness? It is yet to be found.

3. Followed Fay Namibiya

Mysterious 'Fairy circles' live a full life cycle, though some living organisms. Their size - from two to 12 meters in diameter, and a very long time, these circles believed the remains of large termite mounds. But when they began to dig, then they did not show any traces of insects, which can not be avoided during the construction of the mound.

Himba Tribe believes that the reason the dragon, who from his underground lair poisonous blows bubbles to the surface. In general, the 'life' range is limited to 75 years, but little live only 24 years old disappear and new ones appear. Surprisingly, they never intersect.

4. Noise Taos SSHA

If you - one of those people who can hear the hum of the TV or the hum of electric wires, then you understand how it might slowly mad. For residents of Taos is a daily problem. Since the 1990s, citizens are constantly informed about the continuous humming noise that permeates the entire city and make people highly strung.

Such noise is often explained by the presence of nearby factories or airports. But the researchers could not find a clear source in Taos over 20 years. There is a theory that the sound appears in the minds of the inhabitants, though it can not really explain.

5. Devil's Kettle, USA

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is located in Minnesota. Waterfall "Devil's Kettle" is interesting in that it feeds the river Brule, separated into two streams. Right stream goes directly into the lake, and the left - no one knows where.

Researchers have not been able to find out where lost track. While they painted the water, and even throwing balls ping-pong table, hoping to find them in any place. But the water disappears without a trace. I think it just falls away in a parallel world.

On the other hand, Imagine yourself as some residents of a small village, where the water comes every day puzzling over the problem of the uncontrolled appearance of balls ping-pong ...

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