Beauty Secrets:

1. It is best to sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. And the reason - not only sweet dreams (though this is the case, check!). Silk is smoother and, therefore, the hair will not tangle and break. In addition, these materials (silk and satin) do not absorb moisture, which means that your skin and hair will stay moist throughout the night.
2. Combing hair before going to bed. Regardless of whether you have short hair or long, this ritual is valid for all. Not too hard, just a few combing, but thanks to this hair saturated with oxygen and are not confused in his sleep.

3. Plaster face wrinkle. Grandmother of the current Hollywood beauties really use something like plaster or clay during sleep against wrinkles. This allowed the facial muscles do not sag, do not strain. Per night wrinkles not only appeared but disappeared. This recipe for over 100 years.
Incidentally, there is a modern analogue of this method. This special patches. They are attached to the skin directly to problem areas: on the forehead, nasolabial folds, chin. Result - smoothed skin, no wrinkles, tightened skin. Ironically, the "works"!


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