Tattooed Face

The man with the chess board instead of a face. (Flickr)

Eric Sprague, better known as the man-lizard - Artist on freak and other shows. To become like a lizard, he not only made matching tattoos, but sharpened teeth, forked tongue and introduced green ink on the lips. (Getty Images)

German Reinhold Moller explains the interlocutor, as he stuffed a tattoo on his face, at the Museum of tattoos in Amsterdam May 10, 1996. The museum exposition includes tools, tattoo designs, drawings, pictures and preserved tattooed human skin. In addition, there are more than 1,500 books on the art of tattooing. (Peter Dejong, AP)

Winner of the title "Woman with the most piercing" Elaine Davidson festival «Skin Two Rubber Ball» in London. The 16th festival is held every year. (Getty Images)

Enigma (also known as "Slug") had played in the Jim Rose Circus, but now he is a man puzzle. In addition it has a teflon implants on the forehead in the form of horns. (Flickr)


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