"MegaTvister" in Odessa

At the Duma Square last played "MegaTvister." "Mister Twister" - a game which, figuratively speaking, tying you to the site! In this game, participants move on the mat with colored circles. With roulette judge determines the color that you want to move an arm or leg, complicating the task of moving and forcing the player to make the most incredible poses.

If a participant upal- it out of the game! The winner is the last player to keep his balance and remain standing. At the same time can play from 15 to infinity, in a figurative sense of the word, of course. Game organized youth organizations Odessa Youth Parliament, Odessa Public Chamber and Student palatforma.

The game was played on the field 5 x 5 meters. The number of participants reached twenty-five. Definitely one, "MegaTvister" became a hit of the day. It would seem that adults turn into children, adolescents feeling. During the game, participants in earnest closer, because the game is literally tied them in a knot.


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