Medvedev still esthete) SOUNDOLYUB! )) (8 photos)

So, already famous photos audiotsentr President
Dmitry Medvedev's Gorki residence of-9 shows:

Turntable Avid Acutus Reference SP with the power supply.
In Russia, sold for $ 31,000.

Reel tape recorder Technics RS-1700US upd: RS-1500US
The model is out of production, now sold only in b / in the form of $ 3000-4000 upd: $ 2000-3000

Phono stage with its power supply Avid HiFi Pulsar Phono Stage - $ 8000

CD player Naim CDX2
In the basic model costs $ 7,000, in the top - $ 14,000
Audio system:


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