Sugar hair removal at home.

The process of sugar hair removal at home consists of two stages: the first - is preparing a mixture shugaring, and the second - just the very hair removal. Thus once cooked means you might suffice for some applications, however in other cases it is sufficient to get harvested caramel melt it and slightly in a water bath.
So, for the sugar hair removal at home you need - a pound of sugar, 4st.l. water and 4st.l. lemon juice. Mix these ingredients in a small saucepan, place it on a low flame and close the lid. Stir the mixture constantly - every 5-10 minutes, otherwise the sugar will burn. Once the mixture becomes liquid and begins to foam, remove the lid and cook for another 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then caramel be cooled - to a temperature such that it did not burn the skin, but remains warm.
The next step in the sugar epilation home - directly hair removal using "pieces of the mixture." Otschipnite from the cooled caramel small ball and begin to knead it in your hands until it brighten. If the ball quickly harden - add a few drops of water. Prilep it to the site from which you want to remove hair, pulling the skin against the hair growth, like caramel smearing on the skin. And sharply tear on hair growth. Again knead the ball - it can be used several times. Once it loses its elasticity, hardens or ceases to rip the hair, pinch off a new piece.
Sugar hair removal at home with the right preparation and the right mixture of its performance - is really very effective and easy procedure. And the skin after its "treated" with sugar, it becomes smooth and elastic - and this will agree, a nice bonus.


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