In most harmful fast food - a wrapper!

Recently, a lot of criticism falls on fast food, which is basically accused of negative impact on human health. The other day was cast another stone in the direction of companies engaged in the production and marketing of fast food.

According to a new study published in the journal «Environmental Health Perspectives», in the production of wrapping paper - unchanging attribute added perfluoroalkyls fast food, have the ability to repel fat (to hinder fat impregnation of paper). These chemical compounds are present even in boxes of popcorn.

Perfluoroalkyls in a small amount comes to food, digestive tract, and then in human blood, where they were discovered by scientists at the fast food lovers.

It appears that the perfluoroalkyls also used to protect carpets, clothes, cardboard and various types of packaging paper greasy stains. According to some reports, these connections of contained even in fire foam.

Perfluoroalkyls remain in the body for many years. According to US agency toxic compounds to the content of these chemicals in humans decreased by 2 times requires 4 years. Perfluoroalkyls can cause disturbances in the secretion of hormones and affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.


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