Photo excursion Lego office in Moscow (47 photos)

Immediately at the entrance before the reception, guests are met doorman.
 - How much time this is going ?! - I could not help exclaiming.
 - Depends on how many people work on it. Two days before ... Fans such a figure for the house and the year can make.
 - And it is empty inside?
 - No, you try to move.
 - 150 Kilograms for sure! Probably first taken some big piece of plastic and stuck to for simplicity?
 - No, everything from small detalek.
 - How many of them here?
 - Tens of thousands.
 - Figase ... Wait, so he's not fixed and do not fall!
 - A program used by collectors, takes into account even where the center of gravity will be located.


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