Shelters and a half thousand dogs and 200 cats

For his many pets Ha Venzhin quit her job, sold her house, car and jewelry.

"At first dog I had a little, and I took care of them in their free time. But as they became more and more, they had to devote the whole day, "- said Venzhin Ha, the owner of an informal nursery in which they live more than 1,500 dogs and 200 cats.

To care for a pack of 10 she had to find volunteers for dogs and two - for cats. Still, dozens of people every day supply the animal meat, ears, tails and offal of slaughtered cows and pigs.

Recently, the Chinese government said Ha, that evicts her in connection with the construction, and the woman had to find another place - at the borders of the province Nanjing.


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