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Four volumes of the book "Birds of America" ​​by John James Audubon was bought by the famous London bookseller Michael Tolemachem. Mr. Tolemach describes these books about birds as "priceless." He forked out on the bag at £ 7321250 - surpassed the expected pre-sale estimate, which ranged from 4 to 6 million. Pounds.

Books in which the birds are painted life-size, were part of a literary collection of the late Frederick Fermor-Hesketh, second Baron Hesketh.

The collection, consisting of 50 lots, was sold for 15 million pounds, including the first meeting of 36 of Shakespeare's plays in 1623, for which it was generated $ 1497250. The photo Snowy Owls from the book "Birds of America".

Collection of "Birds of America" ​​was published in four volumes from 1827 to 1838. The book contains 1,000 illustrations and 500 species of birds that Audubon described 12 years. The photo American white pelican.

The huge size of book three on two feet, which Audubon said that for songbirds, it is of course great, but when you have to draw bald eagles, it is just by the way.

There are only 119 copies of the book Audubon, which were published in Haiti, and most of them are now in private collections. Audubon naturalist and artist pursued his victims across America, finding the right bird, he killed her and then drew in his book.


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