What clothes should be chosen for the house?

At home, you can wear beautiful, comfortable, cozy clothes. When choosing, it is important to take into account compliance with the situation, practicality, quality. It is important that the materials are hypoallergenic, the body "breathes", comfort is provided. The advantage is light weight, softness, practical colors that make washing easier. Also, be sure to select the product in accordance with the season. For example, on the site https://www.tiana.style/ you can choose a lot of great offers for the warm and cold seasons. The versatility of products or kits is desirable so that they can meet unexpected guests, relax, read, and do household chores.

What fabrics are used for tailoring home clothes?
Materials are of great importance, because they sleep, rest, spend a lot of time in clothes. The choice is large, but the best products are considered to be made from fabrics that do not wrinkle, stretch, and do not require complex care.
Main types:
  • cotton. Suitable for those prone to allergies, requires ironing, can shrink after washing, so the material is more often used in the presence of additives from synthetic threads;
  • velours. Has villi, dense, similar to velvet. Provides looks that combine comfort and chic. The fabric does not wrinkle and can maintain an excellent appearance for several years;
  • viscose. Allows you to get bright bathrobes and pajamas. The shape and color are retained for a long time, the material is breathable and is considered non-allergenic;
  • linen. Breathable, of natural origin, provides comfort even in the heat. At the same time, it crumples;
  • fleece. Pleasant to the body, soft, used for sets for the winter and dressing gowns;
  • silk. Provides a stylish look, while the products are light and tactilely pleasant. The fabric makes you feel like royalty and looks sophisticated.

Pajamas for home
This is one of the most popular options, a variety of sets are available: for sleeping, relaxing. Basic styles for women:
  1. Shortened. Offered as a light top and shorts, the sleeve can be like a T-shirt or long.
  2. Classic. Assumes pants, a shirt or a closed jacket.
  3. Overalls. They do not imply a division into top and bottom, a zipper or buttons are used, most often they are made from warm fabrics.
  4. Open. They can be translucent, with lace, fabrics are often thin, used for sleeping.
  5. Kigurumi. Get a stylish design, free design.
Men can also choose among sets of shorts with T-shirts, pants, sweaters of different thicknesses.

Bathrobes are also in great demand, because they are convenient to use after a shower or wear them all the time at home. The choice of options is large, there are light dressing gowns for the summer, with a beautiful decor, insulated. There are bath models made of terry cloth, silk, cotton, velor.

Dresses for home
Clothes for the home today can be purchased long, short, stylish, classic, straight and fitted. There are models of viscose, linen, cotton, knitwear. This allows you to find an option for sleeping, relaxing, romantic meetings, doing household chores, and so on.


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