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Buying clothes for your baby, we orientirueshsya on several factors. The child should be comfortable. Clothes he must like me. And last but not least, we look at the color of the clothes. Psychologists say that choosing clothes baby, color is the first thing you should pay attention to when buying. It appears, from the color of outfits that will carry your baby, depends on his self-esteem and well-being, as well as the perception of the world around him. How do you know which color of clothes is preferable for a toddler?

The sparkly red children under years not recommended at all. Color therapy involves wear such clothes are not self-confident children and those who suffer from low self-esteem. Orange color like girls and that's fine, because this color has a positive effect on the nervous system. Things orange essential physically weak children. However, it is unacceptable to give the choice only to that color, otherwise the effect give things orange, don't be.

Sunny colors – yellow is needed by all kids. Yellow is the color of joy, celebration, good mood. The child is not dressed in yellow, deprived of all this. And, on the contrary, buying clothes exclusively yellow in color, you risk turning the child in always celebrating the man, not prepared for the difficulties of life. If you want the kid became a good pragmatist, buy him things green. Green should be the basis in his wardrobe.

The blue color in the garment girls to get involved is not recommended. Although not denying that the color blue increases immunity, relieves stress, creates comfort. Wear blue always been considered a man's priority. Emotional and nervous boy blue clothing will help to keep yourself. If the child is not very sociable, it is best clothes blue him not to buy. Girl that wants to be like Mary Poppins, be sure to will have in my wardrobe clothes blue, because it is the favorite color of this unusually clever and cold-blooded person.

What could be more beautiful child clothed in white garments, particularly on holidays. But often wear clothing in white, psychologists do not suggest, as the baby becomes most defenseless and vulnerable. The girl in pink is admirable. This color makes it attractive and touching. The boys wear clothes of this color is not recommended, to avoid unpredictable behavior. This article is not a recommendation, but listen to the psychologists is.

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