An unusual friendship farmer with hippopotamus

Hippos, they are also hippos, are considered to be the most dangerous animals in Africa. However, as evidenced by this incredible picture, not all of them are terrible. One farmer from South Africa made friends with one of them, having won such trust on the part of the animal, which helps a man to swim across the lake, found in the farmland area of ​​slightly more than 160 ha.

Marius Els on his farm located near Petrus Steynleyks raises twenty different wild animals, including giraffe, buffalo, rhino and antelope. But a special weakness forty Marius feels for Humphrey, whom he bought when the baby was only five months. Good host even allows the behemoth run freely on the farm. But this is not the limit of what a loving owner can do for your pet: Marius built a dam to form a lake 200 m wide and 18 m deep, where Humphrey can safely dive.

Giant pet for six years, and in the words of Marius, he easily could have a meal in half the average adult. "Of course, sometimes it annoys the role of the ferry across the lake. When he decides he's had enough, he just throws me from the back, like a horse in the middle of the lake, "- said Marius. Therefore, in such cases, the man has to struggle to cling to the hippo, dived into the water, like a small gray submarine, because that kind, so it is possible to drown.

Powerful hippo weighing 1200 kg - a strong swimmer, the water barely touches the knees of Marius as they move toward the far side of the lake, where there is usually satisfied deserved rest. "Humphrey me, almost like a son. He's like a man - says Marius. - Some people do not understand my relationship with Humphrey ».

View from the bank of the river: Marius Els riding on their pets hippopotamus Humphrey on a farm in the Free State, South Africa

Keeping the balance: Marius is able to stay on the back hippo with no hands. Submissive host animal transports across the river on a farm in the Free State, South Africa.

"Everyone thinks that a man can love only dogs, cats or other pets. But I tamed the most dangerous animal in Africa ».

Before you commit to a regular walk on horseback, Marius placate Humphrey by feeding him an incredible amount of his favorite treats - apples. It is also important to make sure that the pet has had enough time to rest. Social networks, used by Marius, show mixed public reaction to such relationships between humans and wild animals.

And here we sail Marius Els Humphrey bought when he was only five months. Now the farmer is actively looking for a girlfriend for his pet, but to find a female hippo hand is not so easy, and even in Africa.

"My friends do not even come close to it. But my wife loves Louise Humphrey, like me, very worried about him when he disappears for a while out of sight. But it always reminds me that I must always be alert to it, because hippos are very dangerous. " Despite the fact that the owners-the people of the soul there is not fer, lonely Humphrey still needs female company.

"At the moment Humphrey feels very lonely, - says Marius. - As a child, he was friends with a goat, but then pulled up to the jackal. Humphrey so homesick that since not make friends with any other animal ».

Best friends: Marius cards back in 1200-year-killogrammovomu Humphrey, who is so powerful that he can in one fell swoop to break the adult.

"The last three years I have been looking for a girlfriend for Humphrey, but this is not easy. For now, Africa is not available domesticated females. And I can not risk driving him wild hippopotamus. After a friend to be younger than him, otherwise they just kill each other. That is why at the moment we have not yet found a suitable party for our Humphrey ».

Release Humphrey at will, so that he could find yourself a mate, too unsafe. Indeed, in the vicinity of the farm is full of aggressive male, who immediately climb into a fight with a hand and the home of Humphrey and likely cripple or even kill not accustomed to such dismantling hippo. But Marius not to lose hope and grabs every opportunity to find a girlfriend for his son-hippo for long and serious relationship.


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