The inexorable march of pokraschennya

Since mid-2011 to mid-2012, the total wealth of the world population decreased by 5, 2%, or $ 12, 3 trillion. According to a study Global Wealth Report, published by the bank Credit Suisse, the worst had Europeans - the crisis eased their pockets with $ 1, 4 trillion.
The same report indicated Ukraine's place on the map incomes. This place - in the third world. Even residents of Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Namibia and Swaziland richer.
Employees of Credit Suisse determine the well-being as the market value of financial and non-financial assets less the person of his debts. According to this assessment, "border" wealthy country - a state where every citizen is "worth" $ 5 000 to $ 25 000. These on our continent, including Russia, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Mongolia and China. But it is not Ukraine.
The report Global Wealth Report detailed data on the level of welfare Ukrainians not, but at the request of Credit Suisse sent us a transcript of the report data on the level of prosperity throughout the world. They say that in the middle of 2012 the state of adult Ukrainians on average equal $ 3251 - almost as much as the inhabitants of Nicaragua and Guyana.
At the same time in terms of "personal" debt - that is, the volume of the debt burden per adult citizen - Ukraine is close to the much richer countries. According to the report, the debt burden on the adult population in our country is on average $ 675. This is much less than, say, in Greece ($ 19,000), or even in Russia ($ 1300 per adult). But the ratio of debt to the prosperity of citizens in Ukraine - 20, 7%, the same as in Brazil or South Africa. We know how to live beautifully Italians - half, 11, 1%.
Since 2000, the debt burden on each citizen in our country has grown by 50 times. This is a world record. Even in Russia, which is third in terms of growth ratio "debt / state" growth in the last 12 years - "only" 20 times.
Despite the poor results of the current year, the authors of Global Wealth Report promised the people of the world "bright future", saying that over the next five years, its status will increase by 50% - from the current $ 223 trillion to $ 330 trillion in 2017. For Ukraine, the question is whether it will develop in this trend.


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