Children's Zoo in Japan

In many Japanese zoos, aquariums, and often have a so-called Fureai - the opportunity to touch different animals or fish. Usually, for little money. With great pleasure we often use this opportunity it is the children.

And although the idea of ​​the zoo, which is not the most cheerful and well-groomed animals go all day on the bare concrete, I do not like, it was very interesting to see how the children in different ways to communicate with animals. Such observation for 10-15 minutes is enough to be able to predict how each child looks at the world in general, and communicating with others.

There were at least three breeds of dogs. This St. Bernard, perhaps overtighten the attention from all the other dogs. Still, few Japanese people, and especially of the children, often see such a huge dog. Typically, the Japanese small dogs give birth to yourself, sometimes average. They are much easier to fit into the size of a small apartment.

Even for adults it was interesting to touch such a big dog.

However, when this healthy muzzle turns to you, his hands instinctively pulls back, not knowing what to expect from the animal.

An employee of the zoo sometimes doing massage of beauty, and it is definitely like that. To look for me it's more a female dog, but be honest, it was not possible to ensure more accurate.


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