Happy T-shirt XD

1. Take the black handle.
2. Draw on the forehead lightning
3. Put the round glasses.
4. Buy an owl.
5. Put a gray T-shirt, and do not remove it for 7 years.
6. Break the branch.
7. Stick it in your pocket, it is your magic wand.
8. Take an old broom and my mother's gold ring (so you will understand the importance of the operation).
9. Go out into the yard.
10. Close your eyes.
11. Throw the ring up.
12. Look for a ring while holding the broom between their legs.
13. You find the ring? a) If yes, shout 150 points to Gryffindor !!! b) if not, the claim 12.
14. Find a bald blue drunkard.
15. poke a stick at him, shouting Avada Kedavra!
16. plugging it stick to death.
Congratulations! You are magical and delicious! Dumbledore standing ovation!


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