How to choose the right earplugs for air travel

When we fly an airplane, we don’t even think about what kind of stress the auditory system is exposed to. Pressure drops during takeoff and landing, the hum of the engine, the noise of the turbines - all this "presses" on our ears and creates a risk for hearing impairment. This is especially true for people who often fly: active tourists, flight attendants, pilots. Therefore, they are advised to use special aircraft earplugs.

Why use earplugs in flight?
Any air flight is a severe strain on the ears. When an airplane climbs or descends altitude, there is a sharp drop between external and internal pressure. A person usually feels this as a stuffy ear. It can be removed by swallowing saliva or chewing with the jaw. But it doesn't always help. In some cases, the congestion remains for several hours, or even days. In addition, a person feels tired from the loud noise of aircraft assemblies.

All of this fatigues the auditory system and can lead to the death of hair cells in the inner ear. This is why acquired sensorineural hearing loss is a common condition in people who fly frequently. Special earplugs will help:

  • equalize the pressure during altitude changes;
  • get rid of the unpleasant sensation of stuffiness in the ears;
  • block out unpleasant noise;
  • protect against hearing loss.

Features of the choice of aircraft earplugs

The in-flight protective eartips are different from the usual ones. They equalize internal and external pressures for comfort during takeoff and landing. Also, their effect extends to the sounds of uncomfortable frequencies - engine noise, turbine hum, etc. In this case, the products pass all important signals - human speech, crew messages, etc.

You can buy earplugs for flying on an airplane in specialized places. It is important to ensure that they have a pressure equalization filter. Then your ears will be comfortable during the takeoff and landing of the aircraft.

Standard models of aircraft earplugs are not very common. Therefore, it is better to make them to order. These accessories match the shape of the wearer's ear canals exactly as they are made from the ear casts. They fit snugly against the walls of the ear canals, guaranteeing reliable protection against uncomfortable noise. They also have a built-in filter for pressure regulation. Thanks to high-quality materials of manufacture, these products are comfortably felt in the ears throughout the entire flight.

On the website you can order earplugs for flight, the price of which justifies their quality. They are made individually according to the casts of the ears, from modern materials. The production uses 3D modeling technologies. The ready-made accessories exactly follow the shape of the wearer's ears, thereby guaranteeing maximum functionality and comfort. They are easy to care for and serve for several years without any complaints.


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