Why ask a person what affectionate form of the name he likes and how to call it

Psychologists say that the most pleasant sound for a person is his own name. Calling by name can play into your hands if you want to enter the circle of trust in someone else. The more often you say the name of the interlocutor, the more he likes you. Conversely, when a stranger begins to shorten your name in an effort to make friends, this behavior is repulsive.

Calling by name We each have a personal association with our name or its modification. Once I allowed my younger sister to call me Nick just because she didn’t pronounce the “r” sound and it annoyed me. Nika - that's how my relatives and close friends affectionately call me. But it is very unpleasant for me when in the company an unfamiliar person shortens my name. This seems dismissive to me, so I always ask you to contact me by the name indicated in the passport - Veronica.

Once at school, a boy with big ears named Oleg (I hope you hiccup) told me that his dog's name is also Nika. Do not think, I adore dogs, and they are sometimes better than people, but at that moment it was offensive. A group of guys laughed at his words, and that was the end of the story. And it is also uncomfortable when some unpleasant person in a circle of friends addresses you as if he has known you all his life. This is somehow wrong.

Name and respect I respect the names of my friends and acquaintances. Even when their name is shortened, I try to give their full name or ask how the person would be comfortable to be addressed. And you know what? Most people want to hear their full name. Konstantin, not Kostyan, Alexey, not Lech, Alexandra instead of Sashka, Ruslan instead of Rul, and so on. This should be taken into account when talking with colleagues and when communicating with friends.

But recently an article about Anne Hathaway was published on the Internet. The actress said that Annie is only called by her mother when she is angry, so Annie feels uncomfortable when someone else calls her that.

“The only person who calls me Ann is my mother, and she only does that when she's really mad at me. Therefore, every time I go out in public and someone calls my name, I think they will shout at me. Each of you, call me Annie, please, ”said sweet Hathaway.

As you can see, these are a couple of small examples where people care about how they are addressed. Your further communication depends on it. Do not hesitate to ask a new acquaintance how he will be comfortable so that you call him. How would you react to the fact that your name is distorted?

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