Company Niks-M is known for the high quality of its products, the adequacy of its cost

Sixty four million two hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred fifteen

The natural tendency of the owner, when you upgrade your house/office or in its construction to ensure maximum energy saving for your premises effectively implements the factory of plastic Windows Niks m, for over 20 years busrelations supplying its products to all regions of Ukraine. Due to its high quality, it allows you to save (due to the good thermal insulation parameters) on the heating of the building.

A wide range of products and ploughman Niks-M from the Dnieper, known in the country as a factory of metal-plastic Windows, does not limit the range of goods produced only by them. In addition to the standard white or laminated metal-plastic Windows and doors, it provides its many customers with quality:
  • Windows and doors made of aluminium;
  • window sills and sills to Windows;
  • fittings and mosquito nets;
  • custom designs made of aluminum and PVC;
  • roller shutter gates and grilles, shutters;
  • automatic gates, doors and Windows;
  • roller blinds, horizontal and vertical blinds.

In addition, qualified employees of the plant are made of high-quality work on the glass (cold and warm) of loggias and balconies aluminum and plastic, frameless glazing, installation of sliding systems, office partitions, coverings for swimming pools.

High demand due to the immaculate kachestvennye the customers Niks-M mark the observance of its employees high standards in the technology of production of aluminum and plastic Windows, doors, other products and services. Strictly adhere to the Dnepropetrovsk plant the principle of accuracy in all of allows the company to annually increase the number of customers with its reliable, competing with global brands products.

The preference for the acquisition of products, the company Niks-M, its services due to:
  • their high quality, provide 5 years warranty;
  • reasonable price of all products and work performed, the absence of any markups from middlemen;
  • free measurement and delivery of turnkey solutions in the city;
  • provision of free consultations from the leading experts of the enterprise;
  • of designs custom sizes, dimensions.

Niks-M has also the attractiveness of their preferences for regular and wholesale customers, including significant promotional discounts, various bonuses, etc. to individuals there, you can submit a cooperation with the energy IQ Program that allows you to obtain compensation of costs (up to 35%) on energy efficient technologies.


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