Flying in aerotrube: how it happens and why it's worth a try

Sports that involve flying, associated with the extreme and deadly danger. For this reason, many can't afford to jump with a parachute, rope-jumping, paragliding or hang gliding. The cost of failure is very high and not all are willing to pay it. Fortunately, technology does not stand still and designers have made to anyone who wants to enjoy soaring in the air, a great gift – a wind tunnel. With this device you can float in the air without risk to health.

Why you should try
Flying in the windtunnel is entertainment that will appeal to children and adults. This kind of leisure will give a lot of possibilities:
  • to many positive experiences;
  • find new extreme hobby;
  • make an unforgettable gift.

Flying in windtunnel is a good option for a family holiday. Contraindications as there are none – it is sufficient that children 5 years old. Such activity may become a new joint hobby.

To make a corporate stay, flights suit you best. This pastime will not only bring a lot of positive emotions, but will also unite the team.

The wind tunnel is arranged as a gym, so the classes in them are useful for health:
  • actively burns calories;
  • there is improvement of coordination of movements;
  • strengthening muscles.

In addition, due to the extreme sensations, actively synthesized the hormone of happiness, strengthens the immune system and positively affecting the nervous system.

The principle of operation
Windtunnel is a special device that allows you to feel as close to a free fall. The attraction is completely safe. The principle of operation is quite simple – there is air injection. Inside the tube are placed one or more fans. These units enable the creation of powerful airflow, its speed can reach 250 km/h.

Aerotruby by the type of design differ in the following parameters:
  • the location of the fan. The device can be placed below or in the upper part of the structure;
  • dimensions of the flight space. Aerotruby can be of different diameters and heights;
  • speed. Its value directly depends on the performance of the fan.

To ensure the safety of people in the pipe, flight area enclosed by mesh. This prevents the risk of injury blades. The process of observing by the operator. This is what controls the speed of the airflow.

Why is flying safe
Before heading to the aerodrome must be trained. Over the years, employees have learned how to interact with newcomers and know what kind of emergencies may occur from the accidental increase in speed to the engine off. Even if the visitor violates the rules of stay in the pipe, the instructor minimizes the risks and will do everything that the client received only positive emotions. The first session is with a trainer.

Definitely will be instructed on safety. This usually takes up to 20 minutes. Only after the instructor is satisfied that no remaining issues, you can go to the aerodrome.

In the simulator, the conditions that almost sends you into the sky. Steaming occurs at a height of several meters, while the surface is equipped with a restrictive grid, so even if something goes wrong, will without injury.

How to prepare
The best time to visit the center of operations for 30-40 minutes before the reservation time. During this time you will have time to change and training. Training takes place in a cozy room. To observe or to wait their turn offer in a transparent room.

It is worth considering an important caveat – it can be quite cold. In order to feel comfortable, you must choose warm clothes. Best options:
  • ski suit;
  • woolen sweater;
  • fleece sweatshirt;
  • thermal underwear.
The feet should be warm socks. Shoes to choose such that it covers the ankle. Otherwise, you will feel some discomfort.
If desired, equipment can be rented. Usually offered jumpsuit, helmet and goggles.

What are the contraindications
Flights are allowed children who had turned 5 years old. Upper age limit – 70 years. There are weight limits. It should be no more than 120 kg. and There is a lower limit – 20-25 kg.

Not worth it to fly in a wind tunnel such categories:
  • pregnant;
  • people who have had brain injury;
  • suffering from diseases of musculoskeletal system;
  • people who recently suffered spinal injury or shoulder;
  • persons with diseases of the nervous system.

It is worth considering that the flights are prohibited from participating in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.


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