Choosing kitchen table - the question is responsible

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The kitchen is not only room for cooking, but also a place for gathering of household for breakfasts-Lunches-dinners. There are organized gatherings with guests, conducted slow conversations, made lessons with children, etc In any kitchen must be as comfortable and beautiful table. To buy a suitable piece of furniture on the page at a bargain price. There is a wide selection of furniture with different dimensions and design.

The size and shape are important criteria in selecting the table on magnumopus selection of kitchen table is very responsible. Initially you should determine its size and contours.

In a small room, you can choose a compact version of the table with a square, rectangular shape. Well-established use of collapsible piece of furniture, or transformable multi-functional model.

In a large kitchen you can easily put a round or oval table that can accommodate family members and guests.

Fans of the original structures needs to pay attention to models with unusual shapes. Pretty impressive looking multi-faceted, triangle — shaped tables- they are remarkably fit into the interior in avant-garde style.

What material?
  • Wood. Sturdy wooden table — a proven classic. It is worth considering that such a furniture will need to provide a particularly careful maintenance. Surface with weak, damaged lacquer layer will exhibit increased sensitivity to moisture, dirt, fungus.
  • Model MDF, particle Board will appreciate the reasonable cost. Worktop with plastic coating are not afraid of spilled juice, scratches and hot pots and pans. Care for piece of furniture is extremely simple.
  • Table with glass top. This is a stylish and striking element of a kitchen interior. Manufacturers offer models made of tempered glass, firmly reacting to high temperatures, shock loads, all sorts of pollution. The only disadvantage is the ability of the countertop over time, covered with numerous scratches. To avoid this, is to use a protective film or spreading the tablecloth.
  • Model with top of the rock. Please the owners of great practicality. A fairly solid weight. If funds are limited, you can opt for the cheaper option of the countertop, the manufacture of which used acrylic, stone chippings.
  • Metal table. The product is made of copper, stainless steel, looks solid and expensive. Beautiful end table made of metal will be an original accent of the furnishing of any kitchen. A significant drawback of the design — a lot of weight. To move the table from place to place, have to spend a certain physical effort.


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