What is the appeal of a Studio apartment?

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How to choose the best accommodation, which will be included in several advantages: the ability to sell quickly, minimal operating costs at low rates for paying the taxes.

One of the interesting options, which for the first time can solve the housing problem is the Studio. What kind of real estate Studio — what is it?


  • The lack of separate rooms, and temporary partitions;
  • The total area is not more than 20-30 square meters;
  • Living room, kitchen and hallway combined;
  • The minimum window space.

The shortage of such properties on the market is very noticeable. The reason – the cost of construction of apartments-studios and one-bedroom housing is almost comparable. The developer rarely offers studios for sale professional realtors. However, some builders, because of the increased demand for such housing pass them into operation.


Why this estate is popular?There are several reasons:
  • The apartment has a minimum area, therefore, its ultimate price will be even smaller than the smallest one-bedroom apartments;
  • This housing features an increased living area compared to non. Don't forget, living area with a corridor and a kitchen almost combined;
  • Due to the small size of the area of the apartment fairly quickly find a buyer. It is generally estimated that the number of transactions of purchase and sale is under 10%. Option is ideal for a young family or student who intend to live the first few years. Until you have the desired amount for increasing the area and improving housing conditions;
  • Remember that most of the utilities is calculated by the number of bedrooms and total area. Even a small one-bedroom apartment is more Studio 1.5 times. In accordance with this data to adjust your family budget.


How to pay taxes?The terms of transfer of property taxes in 2019 have the following privileges. Not paid for by tax individual for living room area of 10 square meters and the apartment of 20 square meters. To find a Studio within 15-18 meters is not a problem in the real estate market. In addition, the cost of easy cosmetic repairs will also vary in a very lower side.


Banks are willing to lend to the Studio, because of their high demand in the market. The monthly payment is quite small, therefore, the risk of overdue payment does not arise even when any of the members of a small family temporarily out of work.

Select the option of a Studio, make necessary small repairs, and you can always sell the property with a margin of 10-15%. The demand for such apartments is guaranteed.



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