Plastic Windows as a means of protection from hacking

Forty five million nine hundred forty three thousand thirty four

Plastic Windows not only well protect from noise, cold, heat, wind and precipitation. Modern products are also able to be on guard the safety of their master. To do this is to order a special plastic box with tamper-proof and shockproof properties. Of course, for them you have to pay more than for standard construction. However, your property, and also the health and lives of household members or employees expensive.


That offers the modern market?
There are several options for protection:
  1. A special film. It is applied to the glass. Even the weakest of his place to survive 70 blows with a heavy object. However, it all depends on the thickness of this protective film. If you order more cheap and fine choices, it will be to confront the burglar or vandal while attacking, but their number should not exceed the threshold of 30-35 times.
  2. Triplex-glass. It is more sturdy, impact not shatters into small pieces. To make a hole in this glass, the burglar will not be easy. In this case the glass of the laminated glass will provide the owner more and better protection from noise.
  3. Anti-theft accessories. Can open any lock, even the most expensive and complex. However, the main objective is to cracker work hard, spent as much time as possible near the window. It may scare, but someone also notice something wrong, will call the guards.

Here are the most popular options to protect Windows from breaking. However, it is also possible the use of special glue, which will complicate the crystal and the mounting structure on a special anchor plate.



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