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Forty four million three hundred ninety three thousand forty four

The organization Mebelik treated people with sad experience gained, deciding to buy a sofa for cheap and fast.

In recent times, the market of soft furniture Ukraine, not everything is fine, a lot of sofas do in clandestine places, the product is sold in bazaars without checking the manufacturer's documentation. And it's all a serious disappointment when I purchased the sofa, the price of which was inexpensive.

With such clients it's hard to work and nice at the same time. Skilled online store Mabulac have to give many arguments in support of furniture manufacturers in Ukraine, which offer people a certified and high quality products. But after the purchase, the client is very happy relaxing on the sofa for many years, without fear and without difficulties.


A little about the principles of storeMiser pays twice, this proverb about the naive people who are lured by the price, but not quality furniture. Because taking a cheap sofa, after some time, they have it repaired or throw it away and get a new replacement.

Seven times measure, one cut off. On this principle rely experts Mebelik, verifying the products the latest furniture organizations that appeal to the store about cooperation.
  • Therefore, you should know that in Mebelik only high-quality furniture.
  • Therefore, we are not afraid to provide the client with a list of symptoms of diseases of cheap sofas and chairs.

When people find out what diseases are in furniture, then they will understand how important it is to make the right choice.


Diseases low-quality furniture, major factors and ways ustraneniya squeaks. The causes of sound there are many: from poor spring box inside the furniture, to poor drying of the wooden parts and the wrong sizing of the frame.

Perhaps your furniture survived the winter in the warehouse, which is almost not heated, this sofa has had time to dry and stock up on music.

What to do?
  1. This flaw is considered a defect, because in accordance with your rights, you can return it to the seller and demand your money back if you find a flaw within 14 days from the date of purchase.
  2. To apply the guarantee to the creak removed. Believe me, squeaky furniture repair is equivalent to its replacement, so after the "repair work" you will come to the new comfortable furniture.

Springs out of the seat. Exclude situation when the weight of sleeping or sitting on the product was several times higher installed in accordance with the passport of furniture.

Why it happened: the manufacturer put bad felt or polyurethane foam, low density, or the employee simply forgot to put one of the layers in the mattress and furniture.
What to do? To contact the store to correct the defect.



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