How to successfully bypass the lock casino is a Volcano?

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Not all countries are ready to accept the free development of online casinos. Some States require mandatory open offline hall, denying players around the world to try your luck and hitting the jackpot online. Gaming platform also not standing still and offer the possibility of circumventing any imposed locks.
There are several ways to successfully bypass the lock:
  • The creation and copying of multiple domain names – mirrors of the site;
  • Use to bypass VPN;
  • The use of a special browser application.

Despite the low efficiency of constant blocking, regulators in many countries are trying to make domain names of casinos in the ban list. All of them can be successfully overcome is taking the players some time on a new set of mirrors, or install in the browser of the VPN service.

The use of mirrors of the site
Blocked domain does not cover the site from other players. Casino Volcano creates new so-called mirror – newly registered domain names, which are not included in the register of blocked sites. Mirror Volcano the bypass is divided into hundreds and dozens of similar domain names – to block its almost impossible. Be careful, use mirrors only the data specified on the official website to avoid any case of fraud.

Bypass through VPN
If you do not want to constantly monitor updates to mirror sites, use a VPN. In some browsers it's automatically embedded. For example, in Opera. If you're using other apps – just download any VPN service. A quick search will give you over 20 great and well-recommended programs. To play the Volcano you can use the free version of the service.

Use Tor
Any online application store, specify the name proxy service Tor. Run the client installer and wait for the connection to the network. The principle of operation is to use the traffic from non-users. Network absolute confidential and is safe to play online.

All three methods are reliable and will not cause problems with loading games. Use the “mirror Volcano” is possible without restrictions – to block all domains gaming platform physically impossible. The use of two other methods – preventive measure. Suddenly you incorrectly specify a mirror or want to change the method of access to the site. This is especially true when roaming in other countries that do not encourage online gambling. For example, China, the UAE or with some conventions of Russia with Ukraine.

If one way doesn't work – try to make several combinations of domain names. You may be using an old address is already blocked by the regulator. As a rule, the use of mirrors Vulkan casino is permanent and does not require frequent changes of address.


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