Self defense training: the basic nuances for beginners

The most basic question, which mainly concerned people: where to start if I want to learn self-defense? Isn't it late for me to start doing? In fact, every martial arts instructor will tell you, it's never too late. The age may depend on the speed of mastering the basic techniques, but no further obstacles should not be. So brave and take finding a good instructor. One of such professionals – instructor in Krav Maga, Michael Peleg you can learn more about his method of training. And we will go further and will guide you through a number of other issues: what are the types of martial arts, how they differ, and how do exercise.

The choice of martial art and the instructor

There are many classifications of martial arts and territorial, and methods of preparation, and the use of weapons, and the main used techniques. The last classification is one of the most successful and complete. There are martial arts where mainly used kicks (kickboxing, combat Sambo); punches are mainly characterized for Boxing, combat Sambo; elbows, knees characteristic of Thai Boxing and karate. These classifications there are many.

Shots are mostly used in JIU-jitsu and judo, laying on the shoulder is typical for loosely wrestling and judo, and the use of different traps for Aikido and JIU-jitsu. Thus, it is important to choose not only suitable for your type of martial art, but also to find a good instructor. For example, if you are interested in full contact fighting, you can choose Krav-Maga, and thanks to instructor Mikhail Pelago will be able to master it in perfection.

Why is it important to find good instructors? His professionalism will depend on how quickly you learn the basic technique and how to effectively learn to defend themselves from enemies. Your task is to listen to the instructor and to fulfill its objectives, however complex they may be. Let's move on to another matter – physical training, training of strength and endurance of the fighter.

Training: physical training of the fighter
If you want to quickly achieve a certain level of martial arts, you should choose private lessons. The advantage of working in groups is to study the techniques of different opponents, with whom you will contact. In any case, in training you can not do without a General and without special training. In training Michael Pelege for Krav-mage you will be able not only improve your fighting technique, but also to raise endurance.


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