Sofia Club LCD is a promising residential complex with many advantages

Fifty seven million one hundred five thousand four hundred seventy four

For those interested in buying a home, should consider the option of buying an apartment in one of the comfortable houses Sofia Club LCD is a promising residential complex.

Good location Ecpod the construction of a complex dedicated area located close to Kiev (the Great Ring road is at a distance of 3 km, the transportation is extremely convenient). Residents of the complex can enjoy pleasant stay outside the city, enjoy all the privileges granted to a huge metropolis.

Residential complex from eminent gastroesophogeal buildings included in the LCD Sofia Club, has been well-known developer Martynov A. N., already during the years of its activities the commissioning of many important objects of real estate capital.

The monumental complex of the LCD Sofia Club unites already built, under construction and planned to erect a modern home. Many local buyers of property already living in their own luxury apartments. Investors still invest in housing, confident in future growth and pending settlement, in accordance with the schedule.

Annually put into operation of the order of 5... 7 buildings. After completion of all works on complex erection it will bring together about 40... 50 apartment buildings.

A high level of comfort is guaranteed!All objects in the LCD Sofia Club, are built from excellent quality materials from trusted manufacturers. The buildings have brick walls; insulation of facades is performed using polystyrene with subsequent zashtukaturivat, finish advanced materials.

Future inhabitants of the LCD have the opportunity to choose suitable housing: apartments with well-thought-out floor plan; spacious rooms (one, two, three); cozy kitchens; beautiful balconies, loggias.

A unique infrastructure with increased comfort

The developer took care of the creation of the unique infrastructure LCD:
  • reliable fence site where you are guaranteed not to be able to imbibe, thanks to round-the-clock protection, video surveillance;
  • original landscape design of the courtyards with abundant greenery, fountains, playgrounds;
  • the presence of conveniently located schools, kindergarten, meets all modern requirements;
  • the presence of Parking lots, auto parks, places for Parking, allowing car owners, their guests to accommodate their vehicles;
  • the presence of a variety of shops, supermarkets, sports sets, beauty salons, and other infrastructure of the LCD.

A profitable investment in real estate high kachestvami in favor of real estate in Sofia the Club of the LCD allows you to enjoy the highest level of comfort, will become a profitable investment for many investors.


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