The advantages of tires from South Korea

Seventeen million five hundred sixty seven thousand one hundred ninety six

The quality of the tires depends on maneuverability, safety, comfort of the driver, passengers, other road users. Proven products from South Korea that combines a decent quality, comparable to European, but benefits significantly in value.


If you look at the competent thematic source describing the benefits of products, it becomes clear that this is the best option, including for use in domestic urban and country roads.

Features and benefits of tires
Yes, the company was founded relatively recently, but this fact is not negative, but on the contrary, it imposes certain obligations. Young brands have to make every effort to prove that they are not worse than famous brands implement tyres for high prices. Other features:
  • In 2017, rapidly grows up the demand for the products of the brand, in particular, it comes in China, and delivery volumes amount to trillions.
  • The emphasis on sustainability. Manufacturers did this to the gun, because users become European motorists, for whom the question of sustainability is paramount.
  • Wide range of products. Includes winter, summer, season variations. All kinds of popular, they differ in density, rubber compound, tread pattern, which is symmetric and asymmetric, it is being developed with the involvement of computer technology.
  • Computer modeling the most important component in the development of products of any brand. With references to computer programs and the many factors affecting tyre, it is possible to create the most secure option to lower the cost, be adapted for use in adverse conditions.

Quality control is paramount
Developers make a special emphasis on control of the quality of the source material, respect for standards of production, the final testing. There are different versions, series, for example, a summer range with high durability, suitable for sports cars and Executive class. The range includes models with the balancing, with reinforced side panel, there are options with extra lapping the rim of the drive for the rainy, snowy weather, to improve the stability, controllability, and it is not a complete list.



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