As protests in South Korea

Still fresh in the memories of the March of Dissent in Moscow.

Dissenters April 14 Moskveh & gt; & gt;

But because of protests in South Korea

Learn to protest ...

When the team lost to Korea in 2006 World Cup, the Korean fans attacked calls the Swedish Embassy, ​​crowds attacked the site on FIFA (where he was later banned).

A man just came out and took off his pants. So he expressed his protest against the losing team Korea

But it's flowers ... Now go berries. TIN PARTLY.

In South Korea, to burn the flag of a foreign country - illegally. Therefore, if you want to protest against the actions of another country - just eat flag.

So in 2005, during a visit by the Japanese prime minister to South Korea this despairs Protestant eat flag.

To more radical methods resorted members of South Korean farmers' associations.

When the leaders of a large supermarket chain decided to give up local suppliers and began to sell the meat from the United States - they do not expect the furious farmers flood the shelves with cow dung.

In March 2007, South Korean commandos veterans expressed their protest near the Japanese Embassy in Seoul. In memory of the anniversary of mass demonstrations in 1919 against the Japanese colonization policy, they decided to put a dog on the road and head to pierce them with knives.

The heads symbolize Koreans who supported Japan while.

Severely, but very eloquently. Live! two-pig was torn to pieces in protest against the transfer of the military office to Incheon International Airport.

Not sparing his stomach ...

Some Koreans dislike Japan so that even trying to do hara-kiri. For example, the man protests against Japan's desire to seize disputed islands Liancourt

And here is the Korean nationalists in 2001 in protest cut off a little finger.

Less Extreme, but also a very significant method of protest. Off with her head stuffed that symbolizes Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

But the fun does not replace the pleasure of beating the living people who symbolize the enemies of South Korea ...

Ahn Sang-gyu - Korean farmer and patriot. In 2006, he protested against Japan's territorial claims, decorating his body around 187,000 bees.

Ah, well done!

When in 2004, the Korean government decided to ban prostitution - thousands of strange women took to the streets in protest. They demanded that their way of earnings remained legal.

Most of them wore masks bottom

So South Korean Protestants celebrated the anniversary of some kind - carrying a lighted torch over his head

Looks much.

But inadvertently, they do something on fire. In war there are no victimless.

When in Iraq kidnapped a citizen of Korea, South Koreans protesters burned the Quran in the fire.

But the man stood firm against jets of water from the water hoses. Persons who did not turn away.

So protest in South Korea.


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