Apartments for sale in Tula: proposals from owners and developers

Forty five million five hundred five thousand nine hundred ninety nine

Those who had to deal with the purchase of housing, a well-known problem of choosing between new buildings and old houses. The dilemma is the advantages and disadvantages of how new housing and from the secondary market. For the correct selection will require clearly defined priorities and financial capabilities. The latter will show you which apartments are worth looking at and what you can expect.

What attracts second homes
Traditionally, many potential buyers begin searching for their future apartments in the secondary market. This allows you to ask the price, see what's available, and choose an apartment in any district. These flats already have their character, are inhabited and can immediately move in without waiting for renovations. What is the counterweight?
  • The quality of construction of the house. The statistics is old technology, where there are problems with the roof, basement, ventilation.
  • The need to replace older communications and plumbing.
  • Replacement of worn-out joinery on Windows.
  • Small size of rooms and low ceilings.
Yes, in a place you can haggle, if you speak directly with the owner, not the realtor. But bargain for the amount it will take to repair.
As for the area, the advantage of second homes is the opportunity to stay in fully-appointed and prestigious part of the city. Include parks, active playgrounds and is located close to public transport must be taken into account when choosing housing. The presence of shops, schools and medical institutions, as well as service is also not in last place.
In contrast, there is an important caveat – the legal purity apartments "by owner". Such housing is important to check for the presence/absence of problems with written/drawn by tenants. Often the secondary market is the subject of contention between family members who are in court fighting for the right to possession of the object. So you need to check the possible arrest or exclusion square meters. Not to be confused with all nuances, it is recommended to use the services of professional realtors and notaries.

What with the new buildings
Here is a little simpler situation with documents in the apartment still no one is registered and they belong to the Builder. So will have to check the very SK which has a website and cooperates with the banks. The cost of such facilities higher order "secondary."
Themselves apartments in the new LCD come with a rough finish. Therefore, immediately move not get, will have to wait. But, the benefits of the new buildings are:
  • quiet and ecological areas;
  • use in the construction of modern and efficient technologies;
  • spacious apartments, easy to install/demolish walls;
  • installed energy-efficient Windows and insulation of facades.


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