10 mysterious lands that we are forever lost

Earth-prizrakiNaskolko greatly changed the geography of the planet if the whole earth and disappeared continents? The most famous mysterious continent, gone into oblivion - Atlantis, but there are many other lands.

The reasons for the disappearance may be different: erosion, melting ice, tectonic plates shift. Stories about the lost lands are found in the history and science. We know only one thing - there are such lands.

1. MaydaOstrov Maida Island, also known as Maida and Maine, was considered a ghost island located in the Atlantic Ocean, in the south-west of Ireland. In an era of great geographical discoveries, people believed that it was dangerous, and even on the map in 1397 around depicted dragons and sea monsters, as well as sayings in Latin, warning sailors. Maida first appeared on the map of the Middle Ages and for centuries was depicted in the form of a crescent. His last image is dated 1906 year, with this now in the south-west of Ireland to find evidence of its existence is very difficult, if any at all.

2. Kantref GvelodSoglasno legend Kantref Gvelod - Welsh is a beautiful state, found in the bay of Cardigan. Since it is below sea level, it was erected around the wall that protected the place from the water element. States are safe as long as the king is not seduced servant, responsible for closing the gate at night. The gates were left open, and the state was flooded.

In February 2014, after the sand storm in the Bay of Cardigan on the surface were petrified tree stumps, old wooden sidewalks and boulders, reminiscent of the outlines of the city. It is not known whether it is possible to consider it remains Kantref Gvelod or simply prehistoric artifacts.

3. LayonessLayoness - Lost Island off the coast of Cornwall in England. He is known as the birthplace of Tristan in the legends of King Arthur, as well as the land mysteriously disappeared. According to popular legend the island sank in the punishment for the sins of its inhabitants. Only one man escaped, leaving the abyss on a white horse.

Modern archaeologists believe that the legend refers to one of the islands of Scilly. He was above sea level at the time of the British conquest, but was later scuttled due to changes in the flow of water and melting ice. Despite various scientific explanations, the legend is alive today. Locals say that sometimes at night they hear the sound of bells sunk there.

4. Mun Island just an island and a continent sank in the Pacific Ocean. It is an island of Mu. It is assumed that there lived representatives of an ancient civilization, which later colonized Eurasia, North Africa and South America. This fact explains why ancient cultures such as the Maya, the Japanese and the Egyptians were so advanced.

Scientists have been able to fully explain the disappearance of huge areas of land. However, there are still contentious issues, such as the monument of Yonaguni. Near the Japanese island of Yaeyama divers have discovered the ruins of the sunken temple. Skeptics believe that these giant step structure is not nothing but a natural structure created by nature. Others argue that they are the direct evidence of the existence of the sunken island of Mu.

5. Kumari Kumari KandamLegenda of Kandam originates from the tales of the Tamil people of the Indian subcontinent. It was believed that the continent that connected Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka and Australia, stretches across the Indian Ocean. There are a peaceful civilization flourished, where the Tamil poets created their greatest works. But according to the legend, "the sea swallowed up the earth».

In some well-known works of the Tamil kingdom and described the hills, the sea flooded. Until now, scientists can not say with certainty whether or not there was the land, but the fact that the ancestors of Tamils ​​were forced to flee from the disaster - that's a fact.

6. MauritsiyaV 2013, scientists discovered evidence of the existence of one of the alleged sunken island near Mauritius. The name of this earlier to join India, Madagascar, Australia and Antarctica microcontinent - Maurizio. Currently, it is below sea level and was buried under a layer of volcanic crust.

The reasons for its disappearance are different from those that destroyed Atlantis and Kumari Kandy. Scientists believe that Maurice has sunk about 85 million years ago because of the shift of tectonic plates and the collapse of the sub-continent. And where a sunken continent, there is another.

7. High BrazilHay Brasil was a small island off the coast of Ireland, which appear on the map in the Age of Discovery. The story is similar to Maida, is not it? They are sometimes confused, but Brasil Hai has a distinctive rounded shape.

For centuries sailors returned home with tales of a mysterious island that appears out of the mist, and its inhabitants peace, loaded with presents of silver and gold. After the nineteenth century, the island disappeared from the maps, because its location has not been verified. Anthropologists suspect that it came from Irish myths about the mysterious island of fairies and kings.

8. TuleVpervye about this island mentioned writer Pytheas (Pytheas) in the fourth century BC, who described it as a land of misty ice somewhere in the north of Europe.

Mention of Tula can be found in the works of Virgil, as well as studies of Columbus, who claimed to have reached him on his way to America. Sometimes referred to as Tula, about the mysterious island, and sometimes equated with the real place. In the fifth century BC poet Claudian described the island as "ice-bound under the polar star", because of what many historians believe that Pytheas traveled to Scandinavia and Iceland. Others believe that he was referring to the UK and Scotland. But wherever located the island of Thule, it is unique among land disappeared.

9. IramIram - another unique lost ground. It has not been absorbed by the water, and was the victim of a sandstorm. For the first time on the IRAM is mentioned in the 89th chapter of the Quran: "Iram, where the high towers." According to the texts, it was a rich kingdom, built by order of King Shaddad, who wanted it to be the most wonderful place on earth. But vanity Shaddad drew the wrath of God, who sent down a sandstorm to punish Iram.

For centuries, scientists believed that Iram - it's just a legend. But in 1922, an archeological expedition in Oman discovered the ruins of a giant city, buried under thousands of tons of sand.

10. ShambalaPervye mention of it appeared in the Hindu texts, the Mahabharata, and then in the Buddhist Kalachakra texts. In both traditions, this place was considered secret beautiful kingdom, situated in a peaceful valley, where for thousands of years lived a wise person, where there were no sick or old.

Of course, this place is also the subject of heated debate. Spiritualists believed that it was a real place, scientists and historians doubt this. Nevertheless, in 2007, a group of archaeologists exploring the area Montang in Nepal, found a series of caves and valleys that hold the treasures of ancient religious texts. These artifacts relate to the time before the conversion of Tibetan Buddhism. Archaeologists have suggested that Shambhala could really be in those places.

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