Materials and construction features of greenhouses

Greenhouses for small farms
Farmhouse greenhouses are of average size, when compared with the standard buildings and industrial options. The area of such structures reaches approximately 50-500 square meters.
Of course it is possible to grow crops under the open sky, but the result may not be very good. Numerous parasites can quickly reach the harvest. In addition, quite some frost, not your plants.
Every year the ecological situation of environment is becoming worse. This means that culture have less chances of survival under the open sky. So they grew and developed, now need serious protection from parasites. What we get in the end? Products that are just crammed with chemicals.


Greenhouse for winter
To culture could develop normally needed a greenhouse. It allows vegetables and fruits to grow in a good climate. However, such construction is not every cottager can afford. Although, now there are green houses in all shapes and sizes. If you want, you can find a suitable option for your site.
Now sold designs that have a frame only or even equipped with systems for growing crops. Every year the functions of greenhouses increase.
Modern greenhouses equipped with drip irrigation. This system is quite expensive, so do not have to buy it. You can do a conventional inkjet method of watering.
For each culture requires its own approach. Drip system watering watering all the plants in automatic mode. This means that all plants receive the same amount of water. Is it right? The jet variant is cheaper and has all the same benefits.
The role of the heating system typically employs large pipe that go around the perimeter of the building. The cost of construction of such system is very impressive. Instead of such a system, you can use a heating fan units that cost much less.
If to speak about very small structures, for example, the size of 3x6 meters, here all the above equipment to anything. For such facilities will be sufficient automatic watering of two pipelines. Why other systems for watering 4 rows?


In any case, before purchasing a greenhouse structure, you need to determine the amount of cultivated products. After that, you can roughly estimate the price of a similar design. Well, the last thing already is, actually buying the greenhouse.
For large structures must have a Foundation, otherwise the greenhouse will just subside with abundant snowfall or strong wind. For small spaces you can do without Foundation, which, incidentally, will reduce costs.

The coating may be a film, glass or polycarbonate. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can find the perfect option for your wallet.
Of course, all of the above as outlined. To find a good greenhouse room, you need to spend a lot of time studying all the nuances. Frame, floor, Foundation – all this has to take into account. When all information is studied in detail, it is possible to buy the perfect option for your site. Greenhouse design gives the ability to obtain quality crop throughout the year.

Below you can see a video example of the greenhouse Mittleider


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