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If You are one of those people who wear glasses, then of course, faced with the problem of their failure. To remain without such accessories, especially are accustomed to a rather unpleasant business. Some just go to the store and buy a new pair, but there are those who would like to repair the old one.

Today in every city there are many shops dealing with the repair points. Such salons engaged in the recovery points, ranging from replacement screws to complete the replacement of the rim. Our workshop is among the most experienced and responsible professionals in their field. As specialists, we offer have many years of experience and ready to take on the most hopeless cases of repair. Any manipulation of Your accessories are using only high-quality, high-precision modern equipment.

One of the most vulnerable parts of the points can be called a frame. If the damage to the rim – this is Your case, then, will need laser soldering. After this operation, in place of the laser operation will be barely noticeable seam that can be visually reduced to a minimum by grinding the rim. Laser welding will fully restore a frame, so it will last You more than one year.

In our workshop will help You to replace the lenses, screws, temple tips, rim or nuts. In our time become very fashionable rimless with rhinestones. But not all shops are ready with these rims to work. Repair points should be professionals, as such manipulation requires high precision and accuracy.

Time, you need to repair your glasses Kiev, depends on the type of services provided and the complexity of their failure. Minor repairs on eyeglass frames, for example, replacement nose pieces, temples, screws, nuts, simple soldering or alignment frames, etc. is performed for 5-30 minutes. In the case of complex and non-standard repairs may need a day or two.
The most common failure points is shattered bow, bent rim or lost the bolt that connects the frame with the shackle. These failures are not complicated and very easy to fix. So if You happened to such a breakdown, do not delay the repair then contact us now.

Any, even the most high-quality glasses sooner or later will break. This is natural, because they are constantly used. To minimize the pressure points should adhere to simple rules and is attentive to your accessory. Keep them in a hard case. Wear glasses with two hands, it will allow to avoid deformation of the rim. Looked at the bolts connecting the frame with the shackle, and, if necessary, twisted them. Do not place spectacles with the lenses down.

If You have any further questions, You can always ask them by calling our professionals who will advise and help you to understand how to bring new life to Your points.


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