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Hard to imagine that there were times when even a slight myopia in girls was almost a shame, but the glasses did ugly, even the cute face. Now are these eyeglass frames, in which women look stylish, fashionable and sophisticated. Often girls with normal vision order glasses without correction, solely for the sake of beautiful and fashionable eyeglasses.

In order not to look ridiculous, you need variety of models to choose the one that will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws. Now in the trend of women's eyeglass frames the following modifications: Wayfarer, "cat's eye", "butterfly", "aviators", "high-tech" and "casual". Remain relevant classic rims. For those who want to look outside the box, there are round frames and square shapes.

Five rules when choosing a frame for glassesBeauty, of course, the important thing. But, it is more important to choose a frame that would be comfortable to wear and not worry about health. When choosing glasses, you need to know the following:

  • to eyestrain may result in the wrong choice nosophoros – they should not be fixed and rigid; soft, made in the form of the nose stops will not be felt on the bridge of the nose;
  • points to be fixed behind the ears, the length of the handles should match the distance from the edge of the rim to the bulge behind the ear shell;
  • ear pieces should not cause unpleasant sensations at the temples and behind the ears;
  • to protect yourself from possible irritation, it is necessary that the lower part of the frame did not exert any pressure on the cheeks;
  • rim, the upper part of which will be above your eyebrows will give the face a surprised expression, and the sides should not be too close to the nose.
To observe the optical performance and does not have a negative impact on vision, it is better not to skimp and choose a quality setting. Model, color, material – a matter of taste. Quality – the preservation of eyesight. Because low-grade not certified rims can lead to vision loss.

Correctly choosing a frame for glasses, you can achieve the desired goal – to complement your look and add flavor to the style.


Eyeglasses frames for round face

Eyeglasses for rectangular face

Eyeglasses for triangle faces

Eyeglasses for oval face

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