10 tricks that will allow you to charge your smartphone for a few days

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Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without a mobile phone: communication tool, news, jobs, books, movies, music, games, Internet all in one gadget. But often the battery gets so quickly that it is not even enough for one day.

Website learned the reasons because of which your phone may be quickly depleted. Check maybe you do not see as a negative "influence" on the battery level.

Do not clean the charging port

Don't forget to clean your mobile device. It is necessary to wipe the phone, but the socket for charging. As there can accumulate dust and dirt from pockets. For cleansing, use a cotton swab with a pointed tip or a toothpick.

Put a bright mural

Checking the time, messages received or missed calls, you constantly see on the home screen of the smartphone. Bright, colorful screen saver on your phone screen pretty "eat" the charge. Therefore, it is better use black and white Wallpaper. This way you save energy.

Constantly carry the phone in the hands

During the heat, try not to wear all the time phone in his hand. Due to the high temperatures of the smartphone is very hot, and the heat from your hands helps to even further overheating of the battery and, as a result, reduction of energy.

Include automatic screen rotation

Disable the "Automatic screen rotation" and turn it on only when needed. The fact that this function responds to the accelerometer — a sensor that consumes large amounts of electricity.

Work background programs

Checking instagram, messenger and other apps, people often simply minimize without closing. But the software continues to "eat" the battery working in the background. So do not forget to completely close all Windows.

Select the maximum screen brightness

Being in the room, reduce the screen brightness to at least 30-40 %. Typically, such illumination is enough to see all the information on the display, that way you reduce the energy consumption of its battery.
Outdoor is also not necessary to put the brightness to maximum. Better use the special function "On the street": it will allow them to see the screen even in the sun and will turn off after 15 minutes.

Include vibrating alert

The function "vibrate" really drains the battery. So try to use it only when necessary. In other cases, use the sound mode or completely turn off the sound.

Do not use the Autolock

Configure automatic shutdown of the screen of the smartphone. Select the minimum time for lock. Then the battery consumption will be reduced, and even if you forget to lock the phone, then he will do it on their own.

Include GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

GPS Navigator, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make the battery very quickly sits down. Therefore, if at a particular moment you do not use these functions to determine the location or data transfer — disconnect them.

Don't unplug the phone

For the battery to last longer, turn off your smartphone at night. Battery during this time has cooled down, it will give the opportunity to avoid "glitches" in gadget.

via www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/mobile-phone/how-often-should-you-restart-your-smartphone-tablet-laptop-or-pc-3599208/



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