The festival of worship of dogs in China

Residents of the Chinese village Saaban in Guizhou province were paraded through the streets in a palanquin with the dog, who was dressed in a festive shirt, hat and silver necklace.

Ninety million thirty eight thousand eight hundred thirty three

The annual traditional festival held among representatives of the peoples of the Miao for centuries. According to legend, the first settlers of the village Saaban were dying of thirst until a dog came and did not lead them to the water. Since then, they began to worship these animals.

Thirty four million twelve thousand two hundred fifty eight

Sixty one million seven hundred ninety thousand one hundred forty eight

Forty four million eight hundred thirty eight thousand three hundred thirty nine

Forty one million three hundred fifteen thousand nine hundred seventy eight

Eighty nine million nine hundred sixty three thousand two hundred forty

Forty nine million nine hundred thirty eight thousand one hundred forty five

Nine million eighty eight thousand eight hundred seventy two

Sixty seven million four hundred thirty thousand four hundred three

Forty four million eight hundred ninety one thousand seven hundred fifty seven

Fifty seven million eight hundred eighty two thousand seven hundred thirty eight

Ninety five million sixty six thousand seven hundred forty three

Forty one million four hundred sixty three thousand six hundred fifty four

Eight million two hundred twenty two thousand three hundred eighteen

Thirty four million one hundred five thousand two hundred twenty four

Forty six million five hundred forty five thousand nine hundred thirty five

Sixty nine million eight hundred twenty two thousand six hundred ninety one


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