Animal showdown

The world of animals and touches, and can lead to delight. But, first of all, perhaps, especially when we do not see it, it is a struggle. It is tough. Compromises are extremely rare. This is the world of wild nature without embellishment.
Hippo seemingly clumsy, sweet and clumsy. But really - it's a terrible machine. Especially in his element. Crocodile or forgot about it, or accidentally stuck. No luck
And here is unlucky behemoth. As it is removed from the body of water it has managed so far - God knows. In general, I do not strayed into their area
Here the girls something not shared. Or inappropriate quipped about tummy or makeup
Do not touch my mother with cubs! Own peril!
And this zebra seen survival course held at the Chuck Norris. Bitingly roundhouse kick - good-bye, the lower jaw ...
Again, my mother was protecting her pup. He dragged toothed, clinging to the trunk, away from the coast, but did not have time to trample - escaped the adversary.


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