My daughter trying on a school uniform and I came out with weights...

Sixteen million nine hundred thirty one thousand five hundred fifty nine

Yesterday while I was at work, called me the daughter-the schoolgirl:

— Mama, today got school to go, form new brought, you have to try. Will you come with me?

— Yes, Mash, sure I will. Just going to pick you up in the afternoon and scales sticking, and the broken, we must repair to give.

That settled the matter. At lunchtime I went for my daughter and weights, brought the child to school for a fitting, and she went to the service center nearby. Libra there repair refused, and I was too lazy to go back to the Parking lot to put them in the car. So I'm with these weights under his arm and went to school for the daughter.

I went into the office, where he was fitting, and there homeroom teacher together with Masha might not make it out with a suitable size skirts and find the right. The teacher squinted, looked at my daughter and gave:

— Masha, and maybe you gained a bit of weight, so we just can't find you a skirt?

Oh, Maria, how can I get better? My mom everywhere with me with weights go... — said the girl with lingering breath, indicating with a nod at me in the doorway.

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