Cutting Board with built-in scales Pego


In the process of cooking or preparing ready-to-serve table can be potentially hazardous to human health, the stage of cutting. For cutting food should be treated with the utmost attention and be extremely careful, otherwise lunch might be the only part of the soul of a chef, but pieces of his body. Designer Rowan Williams, to avoid accidents when cutting food, developed the original concept cutting Board with built-in scales Pego.



Creative concept safe cutting boards Pego has a three-tier design and unusual cutting surface, dotted with many holes. The holes on the cutting Board required for installation of restrictors, retaining food and allowing it to slice her with one hand. The second layer of boards Pego is a tank for collecting the drained liquid from your food or falling crumbs. The Foundation of this interesting Board is an electronic scale with storage space constraints of food and a knife. Funny concept safe cutting boards with built-in scales Pego is designed for inattentive people and people with disabilities, as well as teaching children about cooking.



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