25 illogical facts about the food that you immediately agree

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We all know that every fact should be evidence of his right to exist. But there are exceptions — the things we believe unconditionally, without requiring arguments.

The website has gathered 25 facts about food that don't have studies, but you with them, without hesitation, agree. Especially with the latter.

1. Quickly lifted it isn't considered fallen

2. As refrigerator you can determine how much is left to pay

3. The fewer products from which to prepare something, the better fantasy

4. When eating gummy figurines 9 out of 10 people bite off the head first

5. The jackpot can be won not only in casino

6. In the world there is no person who has not dreamt of a watermelon

7. Recipe for Mexican dishes, add pepper. All the rest may not add

8. If I forgot to add the blueberries in the blueberry pie, you need to submit it separately, as if it was meant to. Most importantly, calmly

9. Sometimes it makes sense to order a pizza with two toppings

10. But if you had a bad day, to go to the store is not worth it. Because failure will haunt and there

11. And vending machine empty packaging from under peanuts — more evidence that

12. That so delicious, we all know from childhood

13. The choice between healthy and tasty — the most difficult

14. Most often, meat gets stuck in your teeth when you eat it in the restaurant

15. Or when I want to take a picture

16. It's the perfect way of slicing bread for toast

17. People are divided into 2 types: those who cook the food and then wash dishes, and those who wash the dishes, and then cook

18. Recipes from the Internet: expectation vs. the reality

19. The longer the potato, the better

20. Not if it's the latter because then it does not matter

21. Each family should have their own secret recipe Bloody Mary

22. Favorite products are able to surprise

23. As much time passes from the moment of ordering pizza to its delivery

24. Relationship with food can only develop so

25. Can be 100 times to bake cakes for my mom's recipe, but mom they are still delicious

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