5 unpleasant antics of the brain that are actually useful

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Everything has meaning and purpose. Even the most unpleasant and, at first glance, only prevents live antics of our brain.

The website decided to sort out the details with the most interesting of them.


Procrastination is an endless avoidance and delay important tasks. And quietly pass the hours, and even days promise yourself five minutes to finally get to work. However, procrastination need our brain. This condition —the way the nervous system to protect against overload.

If you catch yourself in procrastination — honestly admit that they are tired. And cancel work for today without a twinge of conscience you would not do, and will continue to be postponed. Better yet, do what gives you strength. And after recovery you will be delighted with its effectiveness.


Hate to forget basic things: lock the door, what is the name of a new acquaintance... Every day from our memory out of the thousands of moments. Meanwhile, the forgetfulness makes us smarter.

The brain is constantly frees memory resources. Its primary mission is to optimise the decision-making process. And if poor (and very much) will be stored in memory, it can prevent come to the necessary decision by short. Therefore, the mind and clears the way from "cluttering up" trash, unnecessary to run really important tasks.


The society has developed a strong belief that laziness is bad and we need to fight it. But laziness is very important for the health of the psyche. If you do not allow yourself a little lazy, if you neglect the brain signals, you can earn neuroses, chronic fatigue, complete lack of energy and even depression.

Psyche can be satiated with information, emotion, action, and so the brain requires breaks. Learn to listen to yourself and choose the right balance of action and inaction. And do not reproach yourself for laziness — sacrificing activity now, you give yourself more health and mental health in the future.


Fear makes it impossible to change the familiar surroundings, stopping to make decisions and respond to the offenders. What is it useful?

Fear protects us from potential danger from unnecessary risks. So the brain protects our health and well-being. In addition, fear mobilizes the resources of the person in a dangerous situation. It increases clarity of thought, reaction and even physical strength. Under the influence of fear, exacerbated by the attention and anticipation of likely threats.Through fear man is able to do even what seems impossible.


Every time remembering the event as if we are living it again. At this point, the memory is rewritten to reflect today's perceptions. It turns out, the way we remember the past depends on what happens to us in the present. Over time, two participants of some events will be completely different pictures of memories. And both they will be far from the truth.

The constant replacement of old with new memories allows our psyche to adapt to changing conditions, it is easier to look at life. Memories are distorted to bring us comfort, to protect the psyche from potential injuries. They correspond, based on our current beliefs and thoughts. After all, we understand ourselves depends on our memories.

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